Creative Healing Workshops for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors:
Visual expression through recreational art has been used to help in the healing process throughout history. We know that the mind plays a powerful role in the healing process. My collage workshops for breast cancer patients and survivors will enable you to explore as well as express your own personal feelings. As a breast cancer survivor myself, I understand the need to be able to have the opportunity for spiritual and creative growth in a supportive and confidential atmosphere. No artistic ability is required. Private and small group sessions are available.

Creative Collage:
 There is something magical about creating a collage which tells a story. You will have an opportunity to select from a wide variety of papers and embellishments to tell a story which is entirely your own.

Collage Journaling for Fun:
Let’s take some of your souvenirs from a trip or special event and creatively display them in a journal of your own. We will explore various methods for interweaving personal thoughts onto the page with your personal treasures.

Found Object Collage & Assemblage:
Take one shadow box, add two and three dimensional objects, mix in your own creative juices and take home a memory box all your own.

Paper Making:
 There is nothing like creating paper with your own hands. We will start from scratch and incorporate artistic elements including fiber, glitter and natural elements from the garden into the pulp mixture. Upon completion, the paper may be used as the main element for a mini collage!

Round Robin Collage Exchange for Women:
Treat yourself and a small group of your girlfriends to an evening of fun where all women will share their creative inspiration. Each participant will go home with a canvas collage that has been created by the entire group.

Ellen is available to conduct collage workshops for all grades, preschool through high school, on location. She is delighted to teach workshops for home schoolers in her art studio. Your child will learn in an environment which is fun and filled with encouragement for independent creativity. All workshops are tailored so that they are age appropriate and allow for creative expression in two or three dimensional collage. Students will receive active coaching which, in turn, instills confidence and creative thinking.

Collage workshops use basic school art supplies such as glue sticks, Elmer’s glue, scissors, colored paper, poster board and card board. Of course, these materials can be supplied by the artist for an additional fee. We encourage you to book early so that with enough notice the students can gather odds and ends personal to each one of them: old magazines, newspapers, buttons, ribbon, photos, tissue paper, beads, etc.

For additional information, fees, and scheduling, please contact me.  

Private lessons are available for older children and adults.


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