Firsts and Lasts

Years ago I read an article about mothers and children.  It talked about how we are always taking note of our children’s “firsts.”  The first smile.  The first tooth.  The first steps.  The first word.  The first day of school.  We expect there to be a long list of “firsts.”

However, nobody ever talks about the “lasts.”  The last time our son or daughter wants to be rocked to sleep.  The last time our child wants to be read a bedtime story.  The last time they ask to be tucked in at night.  The last time s/he wants to give us a goodbye kiss…in public…where someone might see!  You get the picture.

Perhaps if someone had told us that THIS would be the last time our child was going to do  _________  (you fill in the blank) we might have taken time to mark the occasion.  A dear friend of mine has often pointed out that “time has wings.”  Indeed.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that article today.  Our son is about to begin a post-high school Yeshiva program.  Our daughter has finished her Masters and is teaching.  It seems like only yesterday that we were bringing each of them home from the hospital.  Then, we were making note of all of their “firsts.”

I suppose in life there are always going to be “firsts” and “lasts.”  However, what seems to be most poignant at the moment is how quiet the house has become.  The dog is my shadow as she follows me around now that our home is more empty.  Out of the corner of my eye, I have spotted her waiting for one of the kids to rush in the door.  She counts “her people” as we come and go.  She’s going to have to wait a bit longer for some of them to walk in the door.  Until then I guess she’s going to have to be content with my company for most of the day.  There’s a nice, comfy, overstuffed chair in my art studio where I expect to see her spending a bit more time these days.  You know, I think we’re a good team.

And, we will both look forward to whomever rushes in the door…first!jamie&daniel_wedding

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What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

Read any good books lately?

I don’t know about you, but I rarely have time to sit and read for pleasure.  Now that it is summertime and the days are longer, slower, more leisurely, it seems to be a good time to catch up on my pile of copy 2

True to form, my stack of books is totally eclectic – a real mix of topics…alphabet soup for the brain.  I often joke that my brain must have gotten mixed up back in the days when my first grade teacher slapped my left hand to encourage me to write with my right hand.  Academically and career-wise I chose the field of finance while at the same time my inner artist was screaming to be set free.  (Not sure if it is a mixed up brain or my being a Gemini!)  I have often felt as though I am opposite sides of the same coin…a strange place to find yourself for sure.Image

So, back to my reading list…you’ve already seen all of the books on my “To Do” list won’t you share what you’re reading with me?  I love a good book!
Wishing everyone a great weekend.  Happy reading!  …and a toast to the lazy days of summer.

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Announcing a Free Giveaway!!

So happy to see you here on my blog!  …and also wanting to increase the LIKES on my Facebook business page –

I am announcing a FREE GIVEAWAY of one of my signature items.


Here is an original mixed media collage/assemblage that has been very popular with my customers, particularly those who, like me, are dog lovers!  Even if you are not a dog lover (how can that be?) it really is a very cute piece!

Like most of my art it has a story to tell…even if it is a “short story.”


One of the very best things about receiving something you purchased for yourself or a gift you’ve bought for someone else is the way it is packaged.  Opening a pretty package is so much fun.  It’s like seeing an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence!


This piece is wrapped decoratively right down to the paw prints on the ribbon.  The art tells the story while the wrap completes it.

I’d be thrilled to be able to send it to YOU!

Here are the important details:  After my FB LIKES have reached the magic number of 500, one winner will be randomly selected.

Please SHARE. I’m sure you have friends, family, and know of other artists and creative types who will enjoy these posts.

While everyone is a “winner,” only one of you will receive the free giveaway.  I hope to be able to draw and announce the winner within the next couple of weeks…if not sooner!  I’m counting on YOU to help make that happen.

Thank you in advance for your time, help and support…all are very sincerely appreciated.

Looking forward to staying in touch!

…and remember, “It’s the little things that mean the most.”

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Sweet Memories

Memory jugs.  It wasn’t until very recently that I even knew what they were called.  There are a number of excellent articles and blog posts on the subject that discuss the history of the memory jug tying it back to the mourning vessels commonly used to mark graves in Africa many years ago.  Later this custom was also adopted in the black communities in the South.  During Victorian times memory jugs gained popularity as they were embellished with items of personal meaning and displayed as decorative objects of art.


This is a memory jug that was made by my great-grandmother long before I was born.  It is a simple glass jar.  Okay, it is a large, simple glass jar that is covered in clay into which she pressed her own “tiny treasures.”

Image Image Image

Up close you can see a piece of an old mirror, handles from china cups and plates, porcelain figurines, marbles, checkers, and a poker chip or two.  I have often wondered if the various broken or chipped china fragments were from her own cupboard.  Who knows?  And, of course, now it is too late to ask.  There’s a lesson there!

Image Image

I have always been drawn to the charm of this memory jug and it’s wonderful that it can continue to be passed down through our family.  Before too long I’m hoping to make one or two of my own to pass along to my children, a scrapbook of sorts filled with personally meaningful “little treasures.”  After all, 3 dimensional collage and assemblage is, as they say, “my thing!”

When I actually get around to this project I’ll be sure to share it with you.  Until then you can check out some terrific memory jugs at Pinterest (see my link), many of them are breathtakingly beautiful.  They all have a story to tell.

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Welcome to My Blog!!

For quite some time I have wanted to be able to share my little corner of my world in a creative way.  I hope you will join me on my journey, my new adventure.  This seemed like the perfect outlet and with the start of summer it seemed like the perfect time as well.

As far as I’m concerned nothing says summer like lemonade stands, ice cream trucks, Fourth of July parades, and hydrangeas.  Yes, hydrangeas.


Big. Mophead. Hydrangeas.


You see, my grandmother had a bunch of them planted at the front door of her house greeting visitors as if to say, “Hello.  I’m so glad that you are here.”  These were huge shrubs full of bright, colorful, deep blue blossoms.  What could be more welcoming?


Now in our own home we also also have hydrangea bushes.  When I look at them I remember my grandmother’s kind and gentle way.  It makes my heart happy.


Do YOU have special summertime memories from your childhood?  I’d love to hear from you and hope that you will share them with me and with others.  Who knows, perhaps your memory will inspire someone to create a new summertime memory of his or her very own.

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