Mazel Tov! It’s a Book!

CHAI SPY ® – A Visual Journey Through Jewish Life

Oh my gosh…it’s here at last! Yes. We wanted it to be perfect. It’s totally beyond our expectations. Now, YOU can order your own copy on

We’re sending our baby out into the world. It’s an incredible feeling.

To all of you who have supported us and shared the journey with us…feeling such gratitude…you know who you are. Thank you.

Please take a moment and view the sample pages on the Chai Spy ® tab.  This has been a collaborative labor of love between mother and daughter.

The book is published Print-on-Demand, hot off of the press, just for you upon placing an order.  Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your copy(ies).  Great for Chanukah gift giving, Afikomen presents, birthdays, or yontif…or, for no special reason at all.

It’s a book for the entire family.  Young to old are sure to delight in the educational poems and eye catching assemblage art.  Anyone who is Jewish will find joy in this book…from interfaith to religiously observant…the entire Jewish spectrum.

We hope you will share the “Journey” with us.  We know you will enjoy the book every step of the way!

All the best,

Ellen Filreis, artist

Ayelet Filreis, author


About Ellen Sharf Filreis

A finance and real estate professional in a former life, I am a self-taught artist currently working on several commissioned pieces of art. While my collage and assemblages cover a wide range of themes, my most important project at the moment is building on the Chai Spy ® brand which is a collaborative project with my daughter, Ayelet Ribakow who wrote the text for our book. Looking to license the art for the Jewish gift industry. The shadow box art is available for exhibition in Jewish venues for children and adults.
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  1. ruthtf says:

    Mazel Tov!



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