A Room of Her Own…My Creative Playground


It has been an exceptionally busy time…cleaning up, cleaning out, organizing, and reorganizing art supplies in my art studio.  As of late, my studio had become the proverbial bottomless pit.


That’s one thing about being a mixed media collage and assemblage artist…I collect every thing!  (Or, perhaps it is just the Gemini in me.)  Well, I do think that I have finally shoveled out enough stuff to be happy where I am at the moment.  Better put…this is about as good as it gets…for now!


You know, when you use found objects to embellish and create your art you never want to throw anything out…because it usually turns out that the very last thing you threw out while you were reorganizing is the very first thing that would have made a great addition to your next creation.


Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing my little corner of the world.  This is the place where I go to disappear and be creative.  It’s MY playroom!IMG_0369

Please share photos of YOUR art space with me.  It’s always nice to connect with others who are traveling along a similar path.  Having “friends” to share that creative connection with along life’s journey makes the journey all the sweeter.  There’s so much that we can do together!

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