What’s on Your Summer Reading List?

Read any good books lately?

I don’t know about you, but I rarely have time to sit and read for pleasure.  Now that it is summertime and the days are longer, slower, more leisurely, it seems to be a good time to catch up on my pile of reading.photo copy 2

True to form, my stack of books is totally eclectic – a real mix of topics…alphabet soup for the brain.  I often joke that my brain must have gotten mixed up back in the days when my first grade teacher slapped my left hand to encourage me to write with my right hand.  Academically and career-wise I chose the field of finance while at the same time my inner artist was screaming to be set free.  (Not sure if it is a mixed up brain or my being a Gemini!)  I have often felt as though I am opposite sides of the same coin…a strange place to find yourself for sure.Image

So, back to my reading list…you’ve already seen all of the books on my “To Do” list won’t you share what you’re reading with me?  I love a good book!
Wishing everyone a great weekend.  Happy reading!  …and a toast to the lazy days of summer.

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