Announcing a Free Giveaway!!

So happy to see you here on my blog!  …and also wanting to increase the LIKES on my Facebook business page –

I am announcing a FREE GIVEAWAY of one of my signature items.


Here is an original mixed media collage/assemblage that has been very popular with my customers, particularly those who, like me, are dog lovers!  Even if you are not a dog lover (how can that be?) it really is a very cute piece!

Like most of my art it has a story to tell…even if it is a “short story.”


One of the very best things about receiving something you purchased for yourself or a gift you’ve bought for someone else is the way it is packaged.  Opening a pretty package is so much fun.  It’s like seeing an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence!


This piece is wrapped decoratively right down to the paw prints on the ribbon.  The art tells the story while the wrap completes it.

I’d be thrilled to be able to send it to YOU!

Here are the important details:  After my FB LIKES have reached the magic number of 500, one winner will be randomly selected.

Please SHARE. I’m sure you have friends, family, and know of other artists and creative types who will enjoy these posts.

While everyone is a “winner,” only one of you will receive the free giveaway.  I hope to be able to draw and announce the winner within the next couple of weeks…if not sooner!  I’m counting on YOU to help make that happen.

Thank you in advance for your time, help and support…all are very sincerely appreciated.

Looking forward to staying in touch!

…and remember, “It’s the little things that mean the most.”


About Ellen Sharf Filreis

A finance and real estate professional in a former life, I am a self-taught artist currently working on several commissioned pieces of art. While my collage and assemblages cover a wide range of themes, my most important project at the moment is building on the Chai Spy ® brand which is a collaborative project with my daughter, Ayelet Ribakow who wrote the text for our book. Looking to license the art for the Jewish gift industry. The shadow box art is available for exhibition in Jewish venues for children and adults.
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